I have had a most wondrous experience these past 10 weeks. I can look back and clearly see my own growth, the increase in my confidence, and and a much better understanding of what to offer my students. I feel blessed to be a part of such a dedicated and loving class full of the most beautiful souls.

Ali Akre

I feel blessed to have found Maggie. As someone who has been in multiple accidents, I have struggled with my body for decades. I can honestly say that the yoga Maggie introduced me to this past year has allowed me to have the first months of pain free and treatment free living since my first accident.

Jill Arnold



Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and for putting this program together! It has been such a valuable experience for me. I hope to be of service more and more in my community.  This work being of service to others has also helped me believe in myself and has opened a path that I never thought possible before: one of science and medicine. Thank you to you and to all our great teachers!

Mélanie Ruffié

Thank you for being you Maggie.  Thank you for your generous heart.  Thank you for your patience and the space you hold. I truly appreciate everything you do, even when I am not showing up. With huge gratitude, 

Kelly Edwards

YTI has a wonderful faculty, both in Canada and Chennai. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to learn from this wide and diverse range of teachers, all experts in their respective fields. For me personally, the residential terms were a real highlight, both in Vancouver and Chennai. While, in the summer of 2020, Covid-19 led to Term 3 being online there was a real sense of community and togetherness during our learning in that period and it was a real testament to Maggie and her entire faculty to adapt so quickly and effectively. Huge love and respect for all of my learnings, for all of the faculty and for the wonderful community I was lucky to be a part of at YTI.

Gabi Macra

Yoga Therapy International (YTI) gave me a multitude of experiences in life and learning throughout my 2yrs with them during this program. The knowledge acquired from these incredible world renowned faculty members was invaluable. 6 weeks in India has the ability to change your life on so many levels. The end of something is always the start of something new. I look forward to walking the path that YTI has helped me navigate toward. Here’s to entering the next chapter… 

Tiffany Pettett