I have to say your Yoga class was one of the best I've taken.  I felt fantastic when we were finished, and my back felt great with none of the strain I typically take away from a class.

Gaelen Gibson

As a Yoga teacher in the city, Maggie is a rare find.  Her practical knowledge is remarkable with the power to transform and heal, “meeting you where you are" on many levels. When my back was injured, she gave me a short 15-minute morning practice (which I actually did) that eventually cured the injury. Her commitment to the spiritual practice of Yoga gives her work a further dimension that students benefit from. Her teaching style is a wonderful blend of earth meets sky!

Jill Sharpe

Back in 1999, I had the honour of meeting Maggie and becoming one of her first Yoga students. We were living/working in China and Maggie gave Yoga classes twice a week to me and another colleague. It was clear from the beginning that Yoga was Maggie's passion. Five months later (and unfortunately for her two new Yoga students), Maggie left China for India to further advance her knowledge of Yoga. Since that time, and back in Vancouver, I have joined Maggie's classes whenever possible. Her expertise, her devotion to her students' needs as well as her positive energy are always present in her practice. I look forward to many more years of Yoga with Maggie.

Susan Peake

Since 1999, I have learned and practiced Yoga with Maggie ― first in a bare apartment in China in the fall of 1999, where after a hard day of teaching, we would do our downward dog and serenity would return to the day. I have benefited most from Maggie's individualized Yoga Therapy programs for me over the years. I have all my sheets with Maggie's stick people reminding me what to do. All that I have learned from Maggie I bring into my ongoing practice and for this I am eternally grateful. It adds up to a priceless treasure.

Catherine Ostler

Maggie introduced me to Yoga a decade or more ago. Since then, I’ve become an avid follower. I’ve taken many of her courses, private and public, along the years. Maggie’s classes are fun and truly enjoyable. She is approachable but professional at the same time. I wait for Wednesdays so I can get energized but become relaxed simultaneously.

Dr. Azza Sedky

Maggie knows my needs and challenges and caters to them. She actually focuses on each student individually and tells him/her how to perform each movement and get the most out of it. From this adaptive method, all her students gain. I wish Maggie all the best in all her endeavours and her yoga career.

Dr. Azza Sedky

Maggie is a person who exudes positive energy, enormous professional ability and a love of what she is doing. She passes this on to her students in a caring, friendly and flexible manner that gives you a sense of wanting to do more and have expectations of how to improve your life in many ways.

Val Newman

The value of Yoga was revealed to me in a visceral and mind-blowing way when I accidentally discovered Maggie's class on the Capilano University campus in 2002, during a time of great stress, fear and confusion in my family's life story. Maggie is so skilled at communicating and understanding that complete surrender and commitment to a life-saving practice is possible. I have experienced her generosity of spirit, her empathy and her teaching skill. I will always be grateful for the transformation she initiated.

Diane Neufeld

My relationship with Maggie started in 2002 at Capilano University. I have always felt privileged to be a part of Maggie's classes. Some of my complaints were achy hips, tight gluts and other issues which left me sore and unhappy. With Maggie's knowledge and expertise in Yoga Therapy and her attention to her students' issues, I feel blessed. Maggie cares about each and every one of us. My lower back and other aches and pains also miraculously disappear after each class. Her chanting creates peace and tranquility. 

Debbie Hope

Not only does Maggie truly believe in the health and restorative benefits of Yoga, but she also personalizes each practice to provide the most benefit to the individual student. She is a truly generous and sensitive guide, and her classes reflect her individualized approach to the person as a whole. I have gained flexibility, strength and balance, but more importantly, I have been able to incorporate this practice into my daily schedule and am more relaxed and aware as a result.

Marnie Findlater