Term 3 Integration: Online

Yoga Therapy Students in IndiaTerm 3: Integration & Application of the Teachings

The focus of our final term together is on integrating and applying knowledge from all the previous terms as well as developing the skills needed for delivering Private Yoga Therapy through case study projects and other experiential learning modalities.

During our internship, you practice delivering Private Yoga Therapy on each other, after we introduce you to Maggie's well-honed therapeutic process. During our last 3 weeks, you start working with your own private students, before beginning your final 8-month practicum and research project.

7 Wks Online (377 Hours) - $4655 CAD

Online Courses (96 hours): June 5-30, 2028 (4 Weeks with 8 hr Internship)

Online Courses (96 hours): September 11-29, 2028 (3 Weeks with 6 hr Internship)

Online Practicum (114 hours): October, 2028 – May, 2029

Online Capstone Research Project (39 hours): October, 2028 – May, 2029

CYT 1000 Diploma: June, 2029 – Write IAYT Certification Exam - C-IAYT Designation from the IAYT

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