Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Yoga Therapy Group Classes Fall, 2023 - Winter, 2024

Relax & Energize 
In these Zoom class series, we will focus on standing, seated and supine/prone poses that promote flexibility, strength & relaxation. No props are needed except for a Yoga mat, wall, chair, chair, belt/scarf/towel, pillow and blanket.

Sundays 10–11:30 am PST
Fall, 2023
September 17 – December 3, 2023 
No Classes on October 8 or November 12th

Winter, 2024
January 14 – March 24, 2024
No Classes on February 18th

Rest & Restore
In this Zoom class series, we will focus on practices that help you unwind from your day through supine poses that promote relaxation balanced with strength. No props needed except for a Yoga mat, wall, chair, chair, belt/scarf/towel, pillow and blanket. Please eat a light dinner no less than 2 hours before this class begins.

Tuesdays, 8-9pm PST
Fall, 2023
September 19 – December 5, 2023
No Classes on October 31st or November 14

Winter, 2024
January 16 – March 26, 2024
No Classes on February 20th

In-Person Classes on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia
After a very successful debut in Winter, 2022, this class series continues in Maggie’s new community on the Sunshine Coast at the beautifully renovated one-room schoolhouse called Sarah Wray Heritage Hall in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour Region.

In this series, we will focus on practices that wake you up and prepare you for your day through mainly standing poses that promote strength balanced with relaxation. We will end each class with a few chair, supine, and/or prone poses with a focus on breath and meditation practices to help you more deeply relax. You must be able to both stand for up to 45 minutes and transfer to the floor yourself to do this class. We will be using chairs as props, but it is not chair Yoga. Please arrive by 9:20am to settle in and prepare for the class.

Please bring a Yoga mat and 2 blankets. We will be using walls and chairs at Sarah Wray Heritage Hall as Yoga props as well as needed. You may also bring Yoga blocks to help you with the poses as well. Maggie will provide Yoga belts for each student for additional support.

Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am PST
Fall, 2023

September 20 - Nov 29th

No classes on Nov 15th 

Winter, 2024
January 17 - March 27th

No classes on Feb 21st

Summer, 2024 - TBD

Tuition Fees for All Group Classes

  • 10 Class Series: $250 including 5% GST
  • Sliding scale available upon request for those experiencing financial stress
  • 10% discount if you take more than one class per week
  • Students may register, by e-Transfer (Canada) or PayPal (internationally) to Maggie Reagh at
  • International Students may send money from many countries via PayPal. Please include all applicable transfer fees. Fees are based on the recipient’s country and are lowest when you send the money from your bank account or PayPal balance

Overall Therapeutic Approach
We move from legs & feet (grounding) to hips (emotions) to lower back (empowerment) to upper back, neck & shoulders (love & light) to minds & emotions (spiritual awakening). Physical themes are linked with energetic-psycho-social-spiritual themes each week. You will not only experience asana (postures) but the other limbs of Patanjali's classical 8-limbed system of Yoga, including deep breathing and meditation. Chanting, visualization, and mudras (hand gestures) are used to enhance the therapeutic, healing experience.

Students are asked to provide an intake/self-assessment/waiver before the series to clarify individual therapeutic needs. We also do a check in during the first 5-10 minutes of each class to clarify goals linked to the topic that day, and any other therapeutic considerations for each individual. Maggie creates the class based on this daily needs-assessment and cues modifications accordingly.

Each new student will also be asked to meet with Maggie privately for a 15-30 minute assessment conversation to clarify individual needs and personal goals. This assessment is included in tuition fees.

Karma Yoga Fundraiser for Lytton First Nation
A Master Class for Teachers & Experienced Yogi-s

Thursdays, 7:30-8:45 am PST
Future Offerings TBD

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