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The Embodied Learning of Yogic Philosophy - Amy Wheeler Interviews Maggie Reagh May, 2022

The Relaxation Response: Yoga Therapy Meets Physiology ― Article by Maggie Reagh published in Yoga Therapy Today (YTT, an IAYT Publication), Summer 2017 

Decoding Ancient Mysteries

Brahmana & Langhana Decoded - IAYT's SYTAR Conference Presentation, 2016

Teachers Become Students ― Article from the Hindu,  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, November 16, 2012 , By Anusha Parthasarathy  

Georgia Straight Article - Bend it and shape it with new yoga trends - Vancouver, Canada - May, 2005

Chanting Tracks with Maggie Reagh

Listen to Understand Volume 1:YYOGA Fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada

Listen to Understand Volume 1:Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu by Maggie Reagh 

Listen to Understand Volume 1: Om Shanti feat. Oboe/composer: Absalon Figueroa, Maggie Reagh et al.

Listen to Understand Volume 1: Eternal Om with Maggie Reagh et al.

Maggie Reagh on Sound Cloud