Term 2 The Source: Chennai, India & Online

Term 2: The Source of Our Lineage from Chennai, India

During Term 2, we head to the source of this great wealth of knowledge to Chennai, India, where Maggie introduces you to her beloved Teachers, Śrī D.V. Sridhar & Śrīmatī Radha Sridhar, with whom she has been studying since 2001. They are direct students of Śrī T.K.V. Deśikachar (Deśīkācār), who spent his life preserving the knowledge of his father, Śrī T. Kriṣṇamācārya.

Our 3 in-person weeks are focussed on introducing you to private Yoga Therapy through learning classical Yoga Therapy practices, modifications, and applications through live case studies and by observing and experiencing private Yoga Therapy sessions with  Śrī D.V. Sridhar, who has over 35 years of experience.

Our 3-week, online follow up with the Sridhars will focussed on Yoga Philosophy and Traditional Vedic Teachings for Yoga Therapists as well as an online internship, where you are each given a home Yoga Therapy practice, while being observed by your classmates.

This is a rare experience that gives you access to the Source of the Śrī T. Kriṣṇamācārya Lineage with our esteemed Master Teachers from Chennai, India.

Term 2 - The Source: 3 Wks In-Person & 3 Wks Online (231 Hours) - $3465 CAD

Online Practicum (39 hours): September – December, 2027

In-Person Chennai, India Courses (96 hours): January 17- February 4, 2028 (3 Weeks with 6 hr Internship)

Online Courses (96 hours): May 1-19, 2028 (3 Weeks with 6 hr Internship)

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