Yoga Therapy International

Our vision is to provide high quality, individualized, Yoga Therapist training that is steeped in tradition yet grounded in current practices and that fosters deep, lasting relationships in our global community of practitioners.

Our students from around the world will be leaders in the field, supported by our international community of faculty, specialists, and graduates. The depth of these ties will ripple into the communities where our therapists are at work, sharing the benefits of this healing practice around the world.
Motivated by the Joy learning brings, you will gradually progress from basic to refined levels of understanding until you attain mastery. - Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, I-17

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Yoga Therapy International's Core Faculty


Maggie Reagh Yoga Philosophy, Chanting & Ayurveda - Viji Vasu Bhagavad Gita - Tracy Dignum Western Medicine & Mindfulness Meditation - Neil Pearson Physical Therapy & Chronic Pain - DV & Radha Sridhar Yoga Sutras & Chanting - Nicole Marcia Counseling Psychology


These 8 Yoga Therapists-in-training have made it to the end of Term 3 of their 1000-hour, IAYT-accredited program with Yoga Therapy International (YTI). We had 5 in-person and 3 online students this term, as we again found creative aways to teach hybridly to students joining...
Update Post-Graduation from YTI Since graduation, Prerna has completed a two-credit course about the Essentials of Yoga Tradition and Philosophy, as taught by the Indica Academy. She teaches full-time, offering only one-to-one sessions, and has been teaching remotely since...
Maggie is welcoming Yoga teachers/therapists and experienced yogis to a morning class that honours Indigenous Peoples from around the world and is a fundraiser specifically for the Lytton First Nation (LFN). Each class starts with standing poses, moves to supine poses, and...
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