Private and Group Yoga Therapy Classes

YTI ClassIn Yoga Therapy classes with YTI, you can work privately one-on-one or in small groups. Talk to Maggie about what option might be best for your situation. Many student study both privately and in groups to maximize the therapeutic effect of the work.

During COVID-19, Maggie is offering her classes remotely via Zoom from her home on the Sunshine Coast with great results. We now have students from around the globe!  We are preparing for mixed-mode offerings post-pandemic that allow for student to join in-person from our East Vancouver studio and remotely from around the world. 

Check out our library of Zoom group classes on our new YTI YouTube channel. It is free for your enjoyment!

Therapeutic Yoga small group classes are mainly focussed on minor aches and pains of the body-mind-breath continuum. Levels are mixed. The approach is gentle, but the outcome is powerful and transformative. Maggie will help you find your edge between not too hard and not too soft, differing for each individual. Props will be used when needed. Expect to be cared for individually, yet challenged to find what is best for you each day you come.

Every 2 weeks, we move from legs & feet (grounding) to hips (emotions) to lower back (empowerment) to upper back, neck & shoulders (love & light) to minds & emotions (spiritual awakening). Physical themes are linked with energetic-psycho-social-spiritual themes each week.

You will not only experience asana (postures) but the other limbs of Patanjali's classical 8-limbed system of Yoga, including deep breathing and meditation. Chanting, visualization, and mudras (hand gestures) are used to enhance the therapeutic, healing experience.

Private Yoga Therapy is the traditional way this practice is taught in Chennai, India. Maggie spends a minimum of 3 sessions with you, exploring your whole body-mind-breath system.  Each session is 1.5 hours. We collaboratively establish practice goals and then start moving through them with a practice created just for you to do at home every day. This self-healing, self-regulating practice creates the causes and conditions for healing to naturally arise through relaxing the mind, lengthening the breath, and gently stretching and strengthening the body. These classes are presently being delivered remotely via Zoom during the pandemic. We hope to be back in-person as well by September, 2021.

Please see attached and fill out before coming to private or public classes.

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