Yoga Therapy Sequences

The heart of Yoga Therapy is adapting classical Yoga practices to suit an individual’s wellness goals.

Yoga TherapyIn regular Yoga classes, the student tries to perfect Yoga practices whereas in Yoga Therapy, the teacher facilitates the modification of Yoga practices for individual needs. In classical Yoga, you go after the pose whereas in Yoga Therapy the pose comes to you via the Yoga Therapist. Function over form in addition to wellness over perfection defines the Therapeutic Yoga approach.

Yoga Therapy (Yoga Citkitsa) includes individualizing āsana (postural), prānāyāma (breathing), and meditation (pratyāhāra to dhāranā to dhyānam) practices through the many tools of Yoga including chanting, Ayurveda, and yogic philosophy. It also includes looking at how you relate to the world ethically (yamas) and to yourself through self care (niyamas).

Svādhyāya (self-reflection) is needed to determine which tools are appropriate for healing the 5 dimensions of the human body-breath-mind experience uncovering the Light of our Spirits (puruṣas): annamaya (physical), prānamaya (physiological), manomaya (cognitive), vijnānamaya (psychological), and ānandamaya (spiritual) levels – the Pancamaya Model of healing from the Taittirīya Upaniṣad Brahmānandavalli. The teacher's role is to help you discover what this is for you through a therapeutic, healing relationship built over a long period of time.

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The downloadable class sequences below are categorized as follows:

I. Movements of the Spine

Samasthiti - Neutral Spine

Pascimatana - Forward Bends

Parsva - Lateral Bend

Parivritti - Rotated Twists

Purvatana - Back Bends

Viparita - Inversions

II. Healing the Body-Mind of Chronic Aches & Pains

Healing Feet and Legs

Healing Hips

Healing the Lower Back

Healing the Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

III. Healing the Mind-Emotions
  Healing the Mind & Emotions - Practices and Principles
IV. Healing Scoliosis

Healing Scoliosis - Practices and Principles

V. Healing Movement Disorders
Healing Movement Disorders - Practices and Principles