Yoga Therapy International Specialist Faculty

Our Specialist Faculty are all leading Yoga Therapy Specialists in areas including Yoga for Cancer, Chronic Pain, Disabilities, Ageing, Addictions, Arthritis, Movement Disorders, Scoliosis, Chronic Pain, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, and Ayurveda. Most specialists will offer 2- to 8-hour experiential workshops on their area of expertise, according to their availability as part of our course hours during Terms 1 and 3 in Vancouver.

If you want to learn more about some of these specialties, you can do some of your practicum hours with our Specialist Faculty, who are also practicing Yoga Therapists. Most of them live and work in Vancouver and are happy to receive you through individual arrangements during Terms 1 and 3 in Vancouver. You can observe or assist your specialist teachers’ classes according to their availability during sometimes reduced summer schedules. For individual practicum work with Specialist Faculty, there will be additional costs that are arranged on an individual basis. 

You can also seek advice on the delivery of Yoga Therapy for specialized populations outside of classes with our Specialist Faculty in Vancouver.  We are excited to be extending our network of Specialist Faculty to those who do NOT live in Vancouver, but who are experts in their specialties.This can be done face to face, in person or on-line. This mentoring can continue at a distance, online, when you are back at home. 

Tianne Allan, BA (Psychology), CYT, E-RYT – Restorative Yoga – 12 hours - Part of Therapeutic and Teaching Skills

Tianne Allan, BA Psychology, CYT, E-RYT came to Yoga after a long career as a high performance athlete. She brought her passion and commitment as a dedicated athlete to her yoga practice. As her love of Yoga grew, Tianne began teaching. After a serious car accident Tianne’s yoga practice became her pathway to healing. Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy provided tools to help her heal both physical and emotional traumas of the accident.

In gratitude, Tianne now devotes her teaching to sharing these powerful tools of healing and transformation. Tianne is honoured to share this knowledge and experience through classes, workshops and teacher trainings, locally in Vancouver, Canada and throughout the world. She is a senior student of Judith Lasater, having completed her "Yoga Teacher Certification Advanced" level.

As a specialist faculty member, Tianne teaches restorative yoga as part of Therapeutic and Teaching Skills (12 hours). 


Ali Fassbender

Ali Fassbender grew up in Saskatchewan and has lived on the West Coast for over 25 years.


She has spent her early work life supporting people through dental transitions and, during that time, became a Counsellor and Yoga Therapist (YTI, 2019) focusing on grief and loss. Somatic Experiencing has created the conditions for personal healing and growth that compelled her to become a somatic practitioner.


For the last 8 years, she has supported folks in the areas of addiction, grief, trauma, and bereavement. Ali volunteers at her local Hospice, the book club at FVI Women’s Prison, and a crisis line. 


Ali finds joy in spending time with her family and grandson, appreciating and connecting in nature and taking time to notice even the smallest of creatures.


As a specialist faculty member for YTI, she teaches about Somatic Experiencing and Grief.


Mary-Jo Fetterly CYT, E-RYT – Disabilities

Mary-Jo Fetterly, CYT, E-RYT is the inspiration and founder behind Trinity Yoga Inc. a national Yoga Teacher Training, Personal Development and Advanced Studies School. She is well known in the yoga community as a devoted teacher, mother, and practitioner.

Mary-Jo brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to her work from her associations with many of the leaders in the field of yoga and personal development. From a background in yoga and massage therapy and studies in psychology and social work, Mary-Jo is able to infuse her work with real-life experience. Mary-Jo is particularly passionate about her work with one of her teachers Dr. Caroline Myss and in Energy Anatomy and loves to teach others about their chakras and non-physical energy systems.

The devastation and challenges of a recent severe spinal cord injury hasn’t held her back, as she continues to inspire and coach individuals to live life to the fullest. A documentary on Mary-Jo explores how she has utilized the gifts of yoga and alternative healing to beat all odds and then some. It was only months after her injury that Mary-Jo, with the love and support of her incredible team, was back teaching and bringing the gifts of yoga through the powerful vehicle of Trinity Yoga to hundreds.

An inspiring public speaker, Mary-Jo served as an Ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation for 7 years and spoke extensively in schools and public functions raising awareness around disability. She spent 6 years as a volunteer board member for Yoga Outreach, a local non-profit, helping to develop research and bring yoga into prisons and marginalized populations. Since her injury 10 years ago, Mary-Jo has further trained in Therapeutic Yoga and has developed a whole program and protocol for Adaptive Yoga for those with mobility challenges and for health care providers. She is currently completing her Master Training studies with Yogarupa Rod Stryker in Tantra Yoga and pursuing a certification in Somatic Experiencing with Mariah Moser. A strong background in Continiuum, with the late Emilee Conrad, also contributes to Mary-Jo’s unique approach to yoga, healing, and well-being.

No matter what the situation, Mary-Jo believes that we all have a “disability” to deal with, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or cultural, and it is within the capacity of each individual to transform, heal, and rise above obstacles, given the right tools. Mary-Jo is featured with others in a new release from Timeless Books called “Inspired Lives,” on CBC’s Tapestry and in an award-winning documentary, “Stand Because You Can.” You will sure to inspired and moved by this courageous and compassionate woman.

As a specialist faculty member of YTI, Mary-Jo teaches students about working with Disabilities.

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