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In-Person Yoga Therapist Training Resumes in Vancouver, Canada

On June 13th, the next CYT 1000 term begins, and students will be arriving in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where they'll be meeting in-person and studying together for 5 weeks. During this time, Maggie will be teaching a unique concurrent hybrid delivery format — in-person and online at the same time with 6 in-person and 4 online students. It will be the first time in 2.5 years that she'll be receiving students in-person at her Vancouver studio.

Free In-Person Group Yoga Therapy Classes this Summer in Vancouver, Canada

Maggie is looking for 2 additional students to attend free group Yoga Therapy classes for a 5-week term this summer as part of her Yoga Therapist training program. These volunteers will participate in our free summer internship classes, which will be attended by a mix of 10 Yoga Therapists in training and public students from the Vancouver community.


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