New Spring Yoga Therapy Series In-Person on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

After 2.5 years of teaching Yoga Therapy only online, Maggie has been delighted to be again be offering in-person Yoga Therapy classes in her new community of Garden Bay on the Sunshine Coast! Classes have been taking place following all emerging COVID protocols in this beautifully renovated one-room schoolhouse called Sarah Wray Heritage Hall

The Spring Term for Maggie's Garden Bay classes runs from April 27 through to the end of May 25. Classes are held on Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30am. She plans to continue teaching online classes for her Vancouver students and those joining from around the globe in Fall, 2022.

Maggie is thankful for the warm reception she has received from her new students since she started teaching on the Coast in January, 2022. She also thanks the committment of her long-time Vancouver students, who have continued with her online during the pandemic, and will continue learning with her online as Maggie transitions to her retirement home on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.