A Mantra for All Souls' Day, Halloween, and Samhain

Sun, 11/01/2020 - 12:19 -- Maggie
November 1st, All Souls' Day is when the veil between the manifest and the unmanifest realms is so thin that they appear to be One reflecting the Other.  Mantra for All Souls' Day and HalloweenOn Halloween, Holy Evening, October 31st, we invite our ancestors to visit us and offer us spiritual protection from negativity caused by our own actions, those of others, or from our environment. On November 1st, those Souls are with us, seeking their way Home to the Unmanifest Realm. This chant is a protection mantra that creates a positive vibration all around us and destroys the demons usually of our own mind's making.  Enjoy the Light of Wisdom that Shines through from the Unmanifest Mysterious Realm during this Holy time! May we all find our way Home! Om Aim Hreem Chamundaye Viche Svaha Om Aim Hreem Chamundaye Viche Svaha Om Aim Hreem Chamundaye Viche Svaha  Listen to Maggie chant this mantra on Facebook and also one Instagram.
This Chamunda Mantra links us with the 3 main goddesses of Hinduism: Saraswathi, Laxmi, and Parvati (Kali). Durga, Kali, or Chamunda are all fierce forms of Parvati. Chamunda is the Goddess of war and epidemics like COVID-19. This is a powerful mantra to be chanted during times of challenge and negativity. Om (Universal sound)  Aim (Maha Saraswati)  Hrim (Maha Laxmi)   Klim (Maha Kali) Chamunda (A form of Kali/Durga/Parvati who is the destroyer of demons Chanda and Munda) Viche (Shield) Svaha (May the power of this mantra be activated through the fires of Agni by honouring Agni’s wife Svaha) Sources Chamunda (Wikipedia) Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche Mantra Benefits (Speaking Tree) Chamunda Mantra - Meaning & Benefits (Times of India)  
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