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Our Second CYT 1000 Graduating Class!

Interview with Robb Mills

Maggie is thrilled to announce her second set of CYT 1000 graduates, who have completed 1000 hours of study over 2 years. With the program accredited in 2014 by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), these grads are well on their way to becoming C-IAYTs -- IAYT Certified Yoga Therapists.

Robb Mills of Oregon is one these recent graduates, and he agreed to let us interview him about his experience with Yoga Therapy International. Robb and other grads will be applying for a C-IAYT designation from the IAYT after graduating.

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Classes

Some people are already asking us about next autumn and spring's classes! Mark these dates on your calendar:

Fall Term is 10 Weeks, from September 24 to December 14, 2017 (see class descriptions below):
Sundays 4 to 6pm  |   Tuesdays 9 to 11am  |   Thursdays 7 to 9pm
Holiday - No Classes:  Oct 3 to 9th  |   Nov 9 to 14th

Spring Term is 10 Weeks: March 11 to May 31, 2018 (see class descriptions below):
Sundays 4 to 6pm  |   Tuesdays 9 to 11am  |  Thursdays 7 to 9pm
Holiday - No Classes:  March 29 to April 3  |   May 17 to 22nd

Class Descriptions

Free Summer Term

Free Summer Term: Wednesday 9-11am or Fridays 9-11am

UPDATE: Summer Clinic Classes are full as of March 29, 2017. Thank you for your interest!

This is a Clinic Class taught by Maggie and New Yoga Therapist Trainees in Term 1!
Summer Term – 10 Weeks: June 21 to August 25, 2017

First come, first serve – sign up early!

"Chennai Practice" A New Group Yoga Therapy Class for Private Students on Saturdays 11am

Maggie is excited to be starting a new class called the Chennai Practice, modelled after the Mysore Practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Pattabhi Jois). This class is for private students ONLY.

If you're a Private Student, you are invited to the Inner City Ashram once a week, for 6 weeks minimum, after your 3 private sessions, to do your own practice along with other students, while Maggie circulates and offers feedback.

When it is time to progress to a new practice, you can book another 1-hour private session with Maggie, and then start another 6 weeks of the Chennai practice.

International IAYT Recognition for Maggie Reagh

I am thrilled to announce that my recent application to be grand-parented as an International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Certified Yoga Therapists (CYT) has just been approved!

My expertise as a Yoga Therapist is now internationally recognized by my peers in the field. Certifying Yoga Therapists by a professional body is an important advancement in the field, which will help it gain the recognition it deserves amongst other healthcare providers.


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