Yoga Therapist IAYT-Accredited Training Program Summer, 2020

We have just completed the first 3 Weeks of Term 3 of our 1000-hour Yoga Therapist training program. We have enjoyed being with Neil Pearson for A&P for MK conditions and Pain Care as well as Danielle Schroeder for Therapeutic Helping Skills. 
I have been delivering my Private Yoga Therapy Case Studies course that I spent 2 months preparing for with over 40 hours of private cases filmed online using Zoom. I demonstrated the Therapeutic Process I have developed over my almost 20 years of delivering private and group Yoga Therapy. Each of these clients got a 1-3 free sessions, to demonstrate the development of this process over time. It was lots of fun and showed me how easy it is to deliver Yoga Therapy online using Zoom! Enjoy this lecture video on You Tube from our first day together on June 16, 2020.
This week, we are moving into our next 3 weeks of classes with Tracy Dignum for A&P for Systemic Conditions as Danielle Schroeder continue developing the trainees Therapeutic Helping Skills for delivering Private Yoga Therapy.
I am starting my Ayurveda for Systemic Conditions for Yoga Therapy, focussed primarily on applying this knowledge to case studies with these conditions. Trainees will learn the Ayurvedic principles underlying Krishnamacharya’s approach to Yoga Therapy and how to help future private clients modify their lifestyles with this ancient knowledge from India, especially concerning diet, sleep hygiene, and cultivation of healthy relationships with self, others, and that which is beyond the mind-body.