Summer Intensive Musings

These 8 Yoga Therapists-in-training have made it to the end of Term 3 of their 1000-hour, IAYT-accredited program with Yoga Therapy International (YTI). We had 5 in-person and 3 online students this term, as we again found creative aways to teach hybridly to students joining remotely from as far away as Australia. 

We also would like to thank our Term 3 faculty, Neil Pearson, Tracy Dignum and Nicole Marcia as well as our alumni Camela Cowan, Karen Petersen and Tiffany Pettett, who all supported our students and Maggie this term.

Term 3 was focussed on delivering Private Yoga Therapy with much experiential learning through daily case study presentations as shown in these photos. As they enter their final year, these 8 Yoga Therapists in training are starting their practicums and capstone research projects, both focussed on delivering Private Yoga Therapy. We look forward to mentoring them each month and enjoying their online Capstone Presentations in May, 2024 before they graduate from our program.

After 15 years of training Yoga Therapists from around the globe, Maggie is transitioning into semi-retirement at her new home in Garden Bay on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. These 8 students are our last Vancouver-based cohort. We are so thankful to our 50+ students we have trained over the years as both Therapeutic Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists in Vancouver, Canada.

Maggie is working with some of her graduates on succession planning. Stay tuned for more exciting updates by joining our mailing list or my emailing Maggie directly to be added to our interested candidates list. 

Stay tuned for future directions of our 1000-hour, IAYT-accredited program with Yoga Therapy International (YTI). We have just posted our Program Overview for our next 2025-29 cohort. 

Candidates will be invited to apply starting in January, 2024.