Infinite Gathering Integrative Health and Mindfulness Virtual Conference

This October 2-5th, Maggie will be presenting on The Science of Happiness from Yogic and Western Perspectives along with 35+ renowned presenters including leading visionaries, physicians, scientists, therapists and artists. Keynotes Speakers will be Dr. Gabor Maté, Retired Physician and Best-Selling Author. YTI’s Neil Pearson will also be presenting.

Science of Happiness from Yogic & Western Perspectives with Maggie Reagh

In this workshop, you will learn some easy ways to bring cultivate a more joyful life from both Yogic & Western science perspectives. We will begin with an interactive 45-minute presentation and discussion, outlining what Science claims are the most effective ways of cultivating Happiness from both Hedonistic and Eudaimonic frameworks. We will review the vast scope of what we call "Happiness" from promoting the everyday life pleasures of relationships, meaningful work, food, physical activities, entertainment, and sleep to creating deeper life meaning through cultivating virtuous behaviour, self-determination, and ultimately connecting an to Inner Stillness that is not solely dependent on outer life, physical or material circumstances.

We will complete our discussion with a 45-minute somatic experience of how to move, breathe and meditate in Yogic mindful ways that help us let go of painful emotional and physical challenges, while connecting to a Stillness within us that promotes the experience of endless Joy, the ultimate promise of Yoga.

Please wear comfortable clothing, a Yoga mat (or towel) to lie down on, as well as a blanket to make relaxation poses more restful at the end of the practices. All tools introduced will have both an academic and somatic framework. No experience is needed and all are welcome!

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