Fundraiser for COVID-19 in India: Thursday, May 20th 5-6pm PDT

As we all know, India has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world right now. This increasing number of positive cases and fatalities, lack of life-saving equipment like oxygen cylinders, essential medicine, protective gear, food, etc. is having a devastating effect on the country.

India has given so much to me for the past 25 years through the practice and teachings of Yoga Therapy and through hosting me and my own students to learn from some of her most precious teachers in the Krishnamacharya-Desikachar Tradition. This picture is from my first fall in Chennai, India in 2001, living with a very special South Indian family who taught me about the importance of service.

As a way of giving back and helping India during this challenging time, I have organized a fundraiser. I have donated 10% of my Yoga Therapy earnings from April to Give India to get us started. Please consider giving generously to this charity or another of your choosing

Our Fundraiser includes a free Yoga Therapy Group Class on Thursday, May 20th 5-6pm PDT. Sign up for the Fundraiser Event using this RSVP link.