Embodied Learning of Yogic Philosophy: Amy Wheeler Interviews Maggie Reagh

In the Yoga Therapy Hour, Amy and Maggie talk about Maggie's experiences and their shared experiences as university instructors who also run IAYT-accredited Yoga Therapy schools.

They also touched on the following:

  • Maggie’s journey and background as she found Yoga
  • Maggie’s thesis on Embodied Learning - Experiential Learning
  • Embodied learning, what it means, and how it influenced Maggie’s teaching of Yoga
  • Maggie's experience with her teachers in Chennai, India
  • Maggie’s teaching combination of Yoga practices and Yoga Philosophy
  • What it means to experience Isvara Pranidhana, or Surrender to What Is
  • How to use daily practices to become more embodied
  • Maggie’s experience with the co-creative process of learning and how it influenced her

Listen to the Yoga Therapy Hour