Capilano Spirit Award - Summer 2013

Fri, 07/05/2013 - 14:58 -- Maggie

This summer, I won the Capilano Spirit Award for my work with Therapeutic Yoga and EAP at Capilano University. It was a great honour to receive it and to be recognized by my inspiring Yoga students at Cap U!

This is what my nominators said: Maggie Reagh is an inspirational motivator in the lunchtime therapeutic yoga sessions, which she has been squeezing into her busy schedule for the benefit of employees. Many have enjoyed the benefits of going to yoga, not just feeling invigorated to return to their afternoon work, but also inspired to do more with their lives, coming from the enthusiasm and happy spirit of Maggie. Her abundance of energy, never ending smile and beautiful voice stay with many of us throughout our work and private lives. She totally embellishes the work/life balance with her yoga and positivity.

She also has worked tirelessly in bringing a new direction to ESL, now called English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and in making changes to the program. One of the recent changes is the new EAP 100/101 course, which holds University credit and students may use these courses as elective credits in other programs.

Maggie is very worthy of the Capilano Spirit Award, giving endlessly to students and employees alike!