What are the Five Cognitive Processes of the Mind?

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PatanjaliI-2 Yoga Citta-Vtti -Nirodha - CVN

The state called Yoga naturally arises when we continuously practice directing (nirodha) the cognitive processes (vtti-s) of the mind (citta).

I-5 Vttaya pancatayya-kliţākliţa

The five vtti-s can lead to a state of a mind clouded by misperception (by the 5 kleśa-s – see YS Ch II) OR an unclouded mind.

  • The mind cannot give us lasting Happiness (Ānanda). It can only bring us duhkham (mind clouded by the 5 kleśa-s) or sukham (pleasure and comfort that always turns into duhkham).
  • The mind is not given a positive role in finding lasting Happiness. It can only give us unhappiness (a clouded mind) or NO unhappiness (neutral state with an unclouded mind). Only freeing the Cit (Soul) from the clouded mind that it sees through can give us lasting Happiness (Ānanda)– Kaivalyam (Freedom).
  • Happiness is our natural state when the mind is free from is obscuring kleśa-s. In this state, the Cit becomes the master of the mind and the mind becomes the tool of the Cit rather than the citta (mind) thinking it is the Cit (Master – True Self).
  • At best, the mind (Individuated consciousness) can be crystal clear like a diamond and perfectly reflect the source of its Light, the Cit (Pure Consciousness). This Happiness is our natural state.

The mind (citta) is only known through its five cognitive processes (vtti-s):
Pramāna -viparyaya-vikalpa- nidrā -smtaya

  1. Pramāna: Correct understanding
  2. Viparyaya: Misunderstanding
  3. Vikalpa: Imagination
  4. Nidrā: Sleep
  5. Smti: Memory

Yoga Sutra Journal Questions for September

How do you experience that state called Yoga in your daily life? How do you undercover your natural state of Happiness and Joy? What activities help you reign in the untamed mind so that you can experience the Joy that naturally arises from that quiet state of body-mind? Can all of these activities promote that state of mind called Yoga? Can they all be considered Yoga practices?