I am so grateful for the 1000 hr Yoga Therapy program offered by Yoga Therapy International for so many reasons, the most practical one being that it gave me all the skills and confidence I needed to find teaching opportunities right after I graduated from even my RYT 200 in Therapeutic Yoga.

Randi Bradshaw, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

I was able to secure 3 very good jobs right way and with RYT 200-RYT 500-CYT 1000 on my resume, I have had no trouble getting subsequent work in the areas I am interested in including Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, and Yoga for Later Life. I don't think I ever would have had the confidence or the skill set to accept any of this work without all the preparation and information that this program offers. Worth every penny!
Randi Bradshaw, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

Maggie is a yogic visionary, full of integrity. Her sweet voice and personable demeanor have made her a pleasure to study with. She has created a teacher training program that matches these strengths, incorporating the teachings of Master Yoga Therapists, Desikachar and Iyengar, into her training and drawing on the best local resources to enhance the training.

Camela Cowan, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

What sets her teachings apart from the myriad of others is both the experiential learning model used in the program, which has given me innumerable teaching skills and confidence simply by observing and assisting her in action, and the significant attention to the authentic techniques of yoga — integrating mantra, pranayama and meditation into asana practice, and always adapting yoga to suit each individual.

Camela Cowan, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

Maggie's in depth knowledge of yogic philosophy and Ayurveda is a rare asset. Most importantly, she models the yogic lifestyle allowing herself to flow through life's hurdles honestly and gracefully — an essential component of a teacher trainer.

Camela Cowan, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

Maggie is a passionate, dedicated teacher who has provided a sound & innovative physical, philosophical & spiritual Yoga Therapist training — a thorough foundation for safe & effective teaching.

Penny Noble,  CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

The apprenticeship model in this training has provided me with numerous opportunities throughout the course to observe classes and individuals and practice and refine my teaching skills in a range of therapeutic contexts. This invaluable hands on approach has given me confidence to work with people with both simple and complex health issues.

Penny Noble, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

Maggie Reagh's has dedicated herself to creating an international Yoga Therapy training program in Vancouver. Her passion is an inspiration to me. The depth of her knowledge also amazes me.
Tierney Crickmay, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

Her teaching is gentle and nourishing as well as empowering and enlightening.  Her classes are a full spectrum experience, I believe she has something for everyone. I am so grateful
Tierney Crickmay,  CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate


This program is an invaluable training for anyone wanting to feel more confident in tailoring a yoga practice to meet any student where they are in their life, or what their challenges might be. I can't recommend it enough!

Randi Bradshaw - CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate