Working with Maggie has changed my experience of my illness and injuries. I had mixed feelings about pursuing yoga therapy ... Prior to the multiple head injuries I was struggling to recover from, hatha yoga was a big part of my life and a key source of stress relief and connection. When I became debilitated by fatigue, cognitive impairment, and endocrine issues, yoga felt like just one more thing I couldn't do anymore ... Maggie asked questions that nobody had ever asked about what my injuries and illness meant to me, how it was impacting my life, what I felt I most needed at this moment ... I was amazed by how much she picked up about my body and its experience of various postures ... I was totally moved by the practice she designed for me. It fits my body perfectly, and I am finding that it supports my physical needs and healing as well as the emotional and spiritual struggles that come with long-term illness. Working with Maggie, I was able to embrace the kind of yoga that is healing for me right now.
-- Dr. Kaylin Forde, Private Yoga Therapy Student


Maggie is one of the most forthright and humble people I have ever met, and it has been a pleasure to have her as a teacher for the past 3 years. It is very rare to find a teacher that can not only "talk the talk" but actually puts everything she says into practice and truly "walks the walk". I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon her Yoga Therapy training program all those years ago as I don't know where else I could have gotten such a diverse training encompassing asana, philosophy and chanting from the linage of Sri T Krishnamacharya, including a unique approach to asana combining the works of Desikachar and Iyengar. In addition to this, we are lucky to get in depth training in Anatomy and Physiology and specific techniques in Ayurveda as taught by specialists in their fields. I highly recommend this very practical, hands-on training to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of Yoga Therapy not only to be able to teach it, but to incorporate it into their own lives.
-- Randi Bradshaw, CYT 1000 Yoga Therapist Graduate

Maggie is a true guide, mentor and student, who is open to learning from her students, and an accomplished teacher. She sets the tone of the class with her presence, practice and beautiful voice as she chants and sings the appropriate mantras/sutras. She easily flows from demonstrating, guiding or aligning her student's postures, modifying them according to the individual's needs on any given day, not according to where they should be, but where they are at, in that moment. She not only 'reads' each of her students, but the class as a whole and structures or changes the flow of the class accordingly.

Being an aging athlete with an injured body, Maggie has worked wonders for me. I feel more in the flow, as well as feeling more flexible, grounded and younger in my body, mind and spirit by the time I complete each class. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who has injuries, physical limitations, or issues with range of motion/mobility. Maggie not only teaches Yoga but lives it and embodies it for me much more than any other Yoga teacher or class that I have experienced in the past.
-- Musa Kalaora, Level 2 Student at the Qi House in Kitsilano


Maggie has shared a gentle and kind relationship of like-minded spirit through the years. Humble and curious, she has invested much to her ongoing studies and teaching, which continues to benefit many. I am grateful to Maggie for extending great care and support as a fellow student and teacher, for listening and supporting in a very intimate manner. It is evident the contribution Maggie enthusiastically gifts her students, peers and community. Her warmth and devotion touch all who are blessed to know her.
-- Jennifer Gillis, Yoga Teacher/Student


I have had the opportunity to attend both Maggie's group classes and experience a one on one private yoga therapy session with her. I was relieved to have found Maggie as a teacher: although I had been studying and practicing yoga for years, I had experienced health challenges and was unable to continue with my regular practice. I felt frustrated and confused at how to continue with my yoga practice.

Maggie impressed me by her vast knowledge of yoga and ability to put together a practice that was perfectly suited to where my body was at has finally been helping me to find balance again physically, spiritually and emotionally. I was also grateful that she was able to put together a practice that suited my lifestyle and time constraints. I am now able to complete a yoga practice in 20 minutes that addresses key physical imbalances in my body and makes me feel more grounded and present. It is rare to find a teacher that is so knowledgeable in the area of therapeutic yoga. I always feel very safe and supported when being taught by Maggie. Thank you! 
-- Julie Beyer,  Private Yoga Therapy and Level 2 Student


I feel blessed to have found Maggie. As someone who has been in multiple accidents, I have struggled with my body for decades. I can honestly say that the yoga Maggie introduced me to this past year has allowed me to have the first months of pain free and treatment free living since my first accident.
  -- Jill Arnold, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) & Private Yoga Therapy Student