Dedication of Practice at End of Class - Mangala

Dedication of Practice at End of Class - Mangala

  Lokaḥ Samastaḥ by Maggie Reagh

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

Om śāntiśśāntiśśāntiḥ

Note: With one line chants that can be used as japa mantras (repeated chants for meditation and linking with Source/Iśwara), start chanting loudly before gradually chanting more softly, and finally silently. This is said to affect our three states of being: physical, energetic, and mental bodies to beyond our minds. Chants are used therapeutically for each aspect of our being. Japa mantras are ideal for prānāyāma (lengthening the breath) practices instead of counting the breath mentally. This is called Samantraka/Sagarbha (with mantra/with seed) Prānāyāma as opposed to Amantraka/Vigarbha (without mantra) Prānāyāma.


May all beings everywhere experience happiness (sukham)

May we experience the root of happiness which is Peace in our thoughts, words and actions – body, speech, and mind