Maggie Reagh Sings with Spirit Voice Kirtan in Vancouver

Spirit Voice - Express your Self & Heal your Soul through Music

Join us for an intimate evening of creative expression and community where we share the gifts of our spirit by singing eastern and western style Kirtan.
Originating from India, Kirtan is a sacred devotional music tradition of call and response chanting that has meditative qualities that carry us effortlessly to a place of stillness and aliveness. Using ancient Sanskrit and modern English mantras that are repeated over and over, faster and faster, Kirtan calls upon sacred energies which serve to remove obstacles, bring us back to the center of our being and into an experience of freedom from the daily chatter of the mind.

“Thank you so much for a mystical, heart-filled evening. Our hearts are still dancing in tune with the chants. I am so grateful for the transformations that happen through the magic of Kirtan. It is the voice of the soul!” ~ Heather A.

Flow into your own natural rhythms and express yourself in whatever way you feel called. We create room for all forms of expression within a safe and loving environment.

Lyric sheets are provided.

"I'm filled with gratitude for the great evening of singing put on by your group, Spirit Voice. Your gift of song and voice allowed me to heal a part of my heart that has been asking for some attention. Your music also helped me to connect with my voice again so that I could communicate what needed to be communicated in my life. Thank you for these incredible gifts. And thank you to Spirit Voice for being my 'difference maker' last friday night." ~ Kirsten W.

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We look forward to hearing your Spirit Voice!

“The kirtan tonight was high energy, with soaring voices and the chants took off on the wings of spirit! Lots of room to dance to lively rhythms. Grateful to be in this community!” ~ Minke de Vos

“Spirit Voice’s kirtan is my favourite in Vancouver. After years of having turned my chanting life to at home and with my students, I now have a place to express my voice in a way that links me with the Divine. It is a practice in being presence with the sound that wants to sing us if only we listen to what it wishes to offer the world. Thank you Spirit Voice! I will come whenever I can!”

“ Indeed, such a beautiful evening! Thank you to the Spirit Voice crew for providing such a beautiful and liberating experience!! Looking forward to the next one!” ~ Sarah Sophia

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