International IAYT Recognition for Maggie Reagh

I am thrilled to announce that my recent application to be grand-parented as an International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Certified Yoga Therapists (CYT) has just been approved!

My expertise as a Yoga Therapist is now internationally recognized by my peers in the field. Certifying Yoga Therapists by a professional body is an important advancement in the field, which will help it gain the recognition it deserves amongst other healthcare providers.

Below are excerpts from the letter I received today from John Kepner and Dilip Sarkar. Thank you for your leadership, as well as the hard work on my other friends who have been involved with the C-IAYT Certification Committee: Amy Wheeler, Leigh Blashki, Beth Whitney-Teeple, Beverly Goulian Johnson, Daniel Seitz, and Swami Ramananda I know how hard you have worked to bring this moment to all of us in the field. Kudos and Gratitude. Your work is so important!

Dear Maggie,

Hearty congratulations for your IAYT Yoga Therapist certification!

It is our hope that this well-earned recognition for your years of study and practice will serve you well in your professional practice....

This certification is a key landmark in the development of our field. Professional credentialing, along with our accreditation process, will provide stronger respect and recognition for our work, both as a standalone practice and as a key component to a holistic approach to integrative health.