Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Zoom Yoga Therapy Group Classes Spring, 2021

Relax & Energize 
In this Zoom class, you will experience a mix of standing, seated and supine/prone poses that focus on flexibility, strength & relaxation. No props needed except for a Yoga mat, belt, chair, pillow and blanket.

Sundays 1011:30 am PST
April 18 – June 13, 2021
NO class on May 23, 2021
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Balancing your Kapha Doṣa this Spring: Yoga Therapy for Energy & Weight Management 

Winter through Spring is the time when Ayurveda’s Kapha Doṣa is strongest in the mind, body, and emotions. This leads to heaviness, lethargy, lack of energy, melancholy, and weight gain, all part of the Tamas Guna

In this early morning Zoom class, we will work on getting stronger, managing our weight, and energizing for our day through Vinyāsa/flowing & stay poses that build towards chair/floor sun salutations. This will encourage Sattva, Balance, the foundational aim of any Yoga practice.

Please have the following props available: 2 Yoga mats,1 chair/bench,1 wall space and 2 hard Yoga blocks/bricks to allow for Yoga Therapy adaptations to more challenging practices, which will be adapted for those in attendance.

Tuesdays, 7:308:30 am PST
April 20 – June 8, 2021
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Tuition Fees: A Sliding Scale during Challenging Times

  • 8-Week Series: $84 to $168 including taxes
  • Students may register, by e-Transfer (Canada) or PayPal (internationally) to Maggie Reagh at
  • After you register, Maggie will send you the link to join the series of classe
  • International Students may send money from many countries via PayPal if include all applicable transfer fees. Please send tuition fees from your bank account or PayPal balance to avoid transfer fees.

Overall Therapeutic Approach
Every 2 weeks, we move from legs & feet (grounding) to hips (emotions) to lower back (empowerment) to upper back, neck & shoulders (love & light) to minds & emotions (spiritual awakening). Physical themes are linked with energetic-psycho-social-spiritual themes each week. You will not only experience asana (postures) but the other limbs of Patanjali's classical 8-limbed system of Yoga, including deep breathing and meditation. Chanting, visualization, and mudras (hand gestures) are used to enhance the therapeutic, healing experience.

Students who are enrolled in the live Zoom class are asked to provide an intake/self-assessment/waiver before the series to clarify individual therapeutic needs. We also do a check in during the first 10 minutes of each class to clarify goals linked to the topic that day, and any other therapeutic considerations for each individual. Maggie creates the class based on this daily needs-assessment and cues modifications for those in the class that day.

Visit our YouTube channel to experience our library of free Zoom class videos.

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