Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes

New Zoom Yoga Therapy Group Classes during Winter 2021

Relax & Energize 
In this Zoom class, you will experience a mix of standing, seated and supine/prone poses that focus on flexibility, strength & relaxation. No props needed except for a Yoga mat, belt, chair, pillow and blanket.

Sundays 1011:30 am PST
January 17 – March 28, 2021
NO class on February 14, 2021, for Spring Break
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Balancing your Kapha Doṣa this Winter: Yoga Therapy for Energy & Weight Management – NEW CLASS
Winter through Spring is the time when Ayurveda’s Kapha Doṣa is strongest in the mind, body, and emotions. This leads to heaviness, lethargy, lack of energy, melancholy, and weight gain, all part of the Tamas Guna

In this new early morning Zoom class, we will work on getting stronger, managing our weight, and energizing for our day through Vinyāsa/flowing & stay poses that build towards chair/floor sun salutations. This will encourage Sattva, Balance, the foundational aim of any Yoga practice. Please have the following props available: 2 Yoga mats, 1 chair, 1 wall space and 2 hard Yoga blocks/bricks to allow for Yoga Therapy adaptations to more challenging practices, which will be adapted for those in attendance.

Tuesdays, 7:308:30 am PST
January 19 – March 30, 2021
NO class on February 16, 2021, for Spring Break
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Chennai Group Class for Private Yoga Therapy Students – Mentoring & Motivation
When teaching groups in Mysore, India, Krishnamacharya would circulate amongst his students, offering individual feedback and modifications to a set series that has become known as Aṣtanga Vinyāsa Yoga. In Chennai, India, where Maggie has been studying for 20 years, all Yoga Therapy is taught one-on-one. This new group class aims to blend these concepts together in a new way to support your personal home practice. 

In this new early morning Zoom class, Maggie’s Private Yoga Therapy students will have the opportunity to practice their home practices in a group setting on Zoom while receiving private mentoring from Maggie as well as the motivation to practice as at set time. This is to support your home practice between private follow-up sessions with Maggie for practice revisions. It is also open to all senior students of the Krishnamacharya-Desikachar lineage who have a personal practice and desire weekly mentoring as well as satsanga, a community of like-minded yogi-s.

We'll start the class together with traditional opening chants from Chennai for the first 10 minutes. These are optional. If you prefer, you may mute your video and mic during the chanting. Next, Maggie will put you into your own Break Out Room where you can do your practice with Maggie dropping by so that you can speak to her and ask her any questions about how to refine your practice. You complete your practice whenever you like, and leave the class in your own time. All private students and senior students in the Desikachar-Krishnamacharya lineage are welcome! Priority registration will be given to Maggie's private Yoga Therapy students.

Class limited to 10 students per term to allow for individual attention
Onging Registration
Fridays 7:30-8:30am PST
Holiday weekends will be off as well as other Fridays that Maggie needs off TBD
Tuition is Free for Maggie's Private students
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Tuition Fees: A Sliding Scale during Challenging Times

  • 10-Week Series: $105 to $210 including taxes
  • Students may register, by e-Transfer (Canada) or PayPal (internationally) to Maggie Reagh at
  • After you register, Maggie will send you the link to join the series of classe
  • International Students may send money from many countries via PayPal if include all applicable transfer feesFees are based on the recipient’s country and are lowest when you send the money from your bank account or PayPal balance

Overall Therapeutic Approach: Therapeutic Yoga small group classes are mainly focussed on minor aches and pains of the body-mind-breath continuum. Levels are mixed. The approach is gentle, but the outcome is powerful and transformative. Maggie will help you find your edge between not too hard and not too soft, differing for each individual. Props will be used when needed. Expect to be cared for individually, yet challenged to find what is best for you each day you come. 

Every 2 weeks, we move from legs & feet (grounding) to hips (emotions) to lower back (empowerment) to upper back, neck & shoulders (love & light) to minds & emotions (spiritual awakening). Physical themes are linked with energetic-psycho-social-spiritual themes each week.

Students who are enrolled in the live Zoom class are asked to provide an intake//waiver before the series to clarify individual therapeutic needs. We also do a check in during the first 15 minutes of each class to clarify goals linked to the topic that day, and any other therapeutic considerations for each individual. Maggie creates the class based on this daily needs-assessment and cues modifications for those in the class that day. You Tube Videos are posted after classes to allow for home practice.

Visit our YouTube channel to experience our library of free Zoom class videos.

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