Fall Into Gratitude: One Day Retreat Oct 12th

This one day retreat, Sunday Oct 12th, 12:20pm to 9:00pm, focuses on connecting to the power and purpose of gratitude through a variety of practices in nature.

YTI's Maggie Reagh will be there to offer Yoga Therapy and guided mediation amongst other practices including: Sacred Chanting, and a traditional Fire Ritual. A vegetarian dinner is served in the evening for participants. Maggie will be making her famous Kale-Lemon Kitchori! Go to TuscanFarmGardens.com for more info. Space is limited, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

Fall Into Gratitude $98.00/person including all events and evening meal.
To stay overnight at the B&B Retreat House, contact us for pricing and availability.
Space is limited, contact us today to register.

Yoga Napping Dealing with stress and exhaustion are a normal part of modern life. Most days, we just need to take some time out to be with ourselves to restore our energy as well as relax our minds and bodies so that we don’t need to reach for yet another cup of coffee or tea just to keep going. In this class, you will learn how to take a 10 minute “Yoga Nap” through yogic breathing, chanting, and meditation techniques that deeply relax the body-mind without making you actually fall asleep. This is how Yogis nap through Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga.

Yoga Therapy In this gentle Yoga Therapy class, you will listen to and/or chant japa mantras that are coordinated with breath & movement through slow flowing āsana practices. You will also learn how to use mantras for timing breathing for prānāyāmā and meditation practices. The overall effect with be a relaxed body-mind with a joyful Heart!

Guided Garden Meditation Patricia will lead you through her beautiful Tuscan Farms lavender fields as Maggie Reagh guides you to coordinate your breath and walking with the mantra “Thank you for (Inhale) ______ (Exhale)” with each step you take. You will be invited to fill in that blank by contemplating and discovering all the people and experiences that move you to gratitude this Thanksgiving Day!

Vegetarian, Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Free Yummy Dinner

Shamanic Clearing and Gong Bath Drawing from earth’s energy under the cedar trees a ceremony to center, balance and clear heaviness will be performed incorporating sacred vibrational sound with an authentic Buddhist gong. Sage and drumming will be incorporated to call in and giving thanks to guides, angels, mother earth, bring in more light and lifting away whatever is not serving our highest purpose.

Fire Ritual Fire (Agni) is one of India’s oldest indigenous gods who links heaven and earth through his flames of transformation. As we offer our prayers of gratitude that were conjured during our walking meditation, the sacred fire will deliver them hermeneutically to the heavens. While feeding the fire with dried lavender from the Tuscan Farms harvest, Maggie will teach you a simple japa mantra Śri Maha Viṣnava svaḥ, svaḥ as we offer (svaḥ) our prayers of gratitude to the heavenly forces of Balance (Viṣnu) and Abundance (Śri = Lakṣmi).

Cacao Ceremony We will facilitate a beautiful space that supports meditation, relaxation and heart connection. Cacao will be prepared for this ceremony using high quality raw cacao beans. All the mood enhancing neurochemicals in cacao become particularly active during a ceremony where an intention is set. Physically there is increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, the whole body is nourished; spiritually awareness, tranquility and focus is heightened.

Sacred Chanting with Spirit Voice Spirit Voice, led by Vince Gowmon, Maggie Reagh, Dave Fogel and Marvin Entz, will lead you through sacred devotional chanting. Each song serves to move you more deeply into your spirit and voice through ecstatic and melodic mantras. Community events are led regularly in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.