The Science of Happiness - Western Science meets Yoga Philosophy

Maggie Reagh, founder of Yoga Therapy International, is excited to be launching a new multi-media blog post series about the Science of Happiness from both Eastern and Western perspectives. In this series, you'll learn some easy ways to cultivate a more joyful life through video presentations, Yoga practices, interviews with experts in the field, and short essays on the topic.

Our first video explores what science claims are the most effective ways of cultivating "Happiness" through embracing everyday pleasures, ethical lifestyles, and spiritual experiences.

We review the vast scope of what we call Happiness, from promoting the everyday life pleasures of food, physical activities, entertainment, and sleep; to cultivating virtuous behaviour, meaningful work, and self-determination; to developing depthful relationships with others; and, ultimately, to connecting to an Inner Stillness that is not solely dependent on our physical or material circumstances.